Article about online dating

What about being friends with your ex? Here you can find some tips from one dating site

9/15/08: Version 2 updated (v2.2) now available.

I updated the listings and added major landmarks.

6/8/08: In Times Sq

Today I went to Times Square and asked random people to go on a date with me.


5/20/08: Version 2 now available!

I revised the map to be easier to use by color coding areas of the city, resizing fonts and making some major streets bold.


4/11/08: On TV

I will be on the Ethel Chen Show. The broadcast will be in Queens on QPTV:
channel 35 on Tuesday the 15th at 1:30pm
channel 56 on Thursday the 17th at 7:00pm.

3/25/08: More blogs.

Today, Gridskipper and NewYorkology pointed their fans here. Thanks!

3/24/08: In the News!

Today, this site caught fame in The New York Times, BoingBoing and Gothamist

3/23/08: The Toilet Map Unveiled

The New York City Public Toilet Map was unveiled today on Uncle Bob's Variety Show at the Jewish Museum as part of the Off the Wall: Artists at work. After the presentation, a mob gathered at the edge of the stage to buy copies of the map!

10/29/08: Project evolves.

Thanks! But now we are going to make a blog about relationships, dating, etc.
Hope you'll enjoy it!





Links to online NYC Toilet resources:

Bathroom Diaries

And, don't miss Urine Nation! A short movie about finding toilets in the city.











There once was a boy named Tommy,
Who Showed NYers the way to the John...
When children in the Apple cried, Mommy!
They pulled out the Toilet Map and moved on.

We turned right at the Carousel, and left at the Zoo
With Patience and Confidence now, we walk to the loo.
Good-bye to the stress, anxiety, and fear,
Freud's field day is over, Tommy's NYC Public Toilet Map is Here!!

--by Jean Mills
in honor of her funny, brilliant, and talented nephew, Tommy Mintz
(aww shucks..looking at and shuffling toes )
[copyright 2008 by Jean Mills]